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How do i make my boyfriend '; WANT'; me MORE ?

We have been dating for a month and 2 weeks and im usually the one to go to him in the hall first or go get him to walk with me and stuff but like i want him to WANT to see me and i want him to be excited or cant wait to see me.. how do i do this? One of my friends told me to play hard to get but i need real advice bc she hasnt really had a man... lol help??How do i make my boyfriend '; WANT'; me MORE ?
actually your friend is right. If you start ignoring him and playing hard to get you will peak his interest as to why are you not mooning over him. Guys love a challenge, so be that for him, pretend you aren't interested and let him come to you. He can't chase you if you are dragging from his feet... lol.How do i make my boyfriend '; WANT'; me MORE ?
Give him the best head he's ever had.

What you are really asking is ';Am I sexy and attractive enough to get his whole attention'; Why do you think that you must have sex in order to get your man. If that is what he wanted you would have had sex by now and he would of gone away shortly afterwords and you would be on the prowl for another boy to seduce. That, little girl, is why you will never be a woman. You want a relationship that is based upon friendship not sex. Sex is cheap and it make you cheap. Have respect for yourself and stop being in a hurry to become an adult.
Reveal more and more cleavage everyday. It will make him want to see your boobs and well you know how it goes.................
you cant make or force youre boyfriend to want you more it comes naturally if he dosent like you dump him

How can a girl keep a guy interested?

I've only had a handful of boyfriends in my time, and only one was a serious long-term thing. Two of my past boyfriends have told me they wanted to marry me (not official proposals however), then turned around and dumped me later. Without having any substantial reason, mind you.

I'm starting to think I'm too boring or too clingy or too *something*, although I think in a lot of ways I'm a pretty good relationship prospect. I'm fairly low-maintenance, I'm always up for sex, not overly jealous, have a sense of humour, will let a guy have space if he wants it. The list goes on.

Maybe I'm not challenging enough??? I had one male colleague tell me that guys expect girls to tease them and reel them in only to cast them out; to be mysterious and keep secrets and play hard to get... Well if that's true then I'm never going to keep a man, cause to me that's just playing games which I find stupid, immature and pathetic. And if that's what men go for then I don't really want one!!

So what else could I be doing wrong? The only guys who wanted to stay with me were weird losers I met on internet dating, and one nice guy who I realised I just wasn't attracted to. Yet many (attached) guys, friends and family have often mentioned that they can't believe I'm single, that I'm a great catch, should be married by now... you get the idea. Most infuriating and doesn't help.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's in the same situation.How can a girl keep a guy interested?
Men like a challenge .. play hard to get and don't tell him every single detail about yourself straight up.. leave him wanting more .. be a bit mysterious.. don't throw yourself at him.. if he knows he can have you any day of the week.. he will save you as his ';go to girl';How can a girl keep a guy interested?
It's really hard to say without knowing you better.

Everybody likes different things in people, some guys, as well as some girls, like playing games. Some on the other hand don't.

Alot of complaining will drive any man away...

The two who dumped you could have been for alot of reason, without them telling you or us there is no way to tell. Could be that they met someone else or that they never took the relationship seriouse in the first place. Again it's impossible to say without knowing more.

Other things you might want to look at is what type of guys you are attracted to. If you always like the fun and outgoing type, it might be noteworthy that it is also the type that always wants to have fun and go out, with or without you, and possibly with other woman as well. My point being is that alot of attributes that are attractive can also have some negative attributes attached to them. So you might want to analyse what your ex's have in common.

You mention that only losers you met online want to stay with you, that tells me that someone at least wants to stay with you, might want to look into who you are dating again...
';Always up for sex';.

Don't you see that once you give that up, unless there's something very strong bining you and your man together, the relationship starts going downwards because there is no higher degree of intimacy you can reach? I don't know if that means you have sex quickly when you get with a guy or what, but I suggest you leave it for a while before having sex with a man. And don't make it too readily available, too.
You obviously just haven't found the right man for you. What your work colleague said is what he likes, every man is different and you can't just generalize like that. You just need to keep searching for your man, everyone has bad relationships before they find the person they are meant to be with. You shouldn't let it get you down and if they were losers why are you worried about why they dumped you anyway. I wish you luck with you continued search.
A guy always like it when a girl makes him feel appreciated.

Do you compare your bf to your brother or male friends who are better? A guy hates to be put down, belittled, or have the things he did for you ignored or trivialized. Guys can be pretty sensitive too.

Otherwise, check the quality of the guys you are hanging out with. I personally feel you shouldn't be getting your relationships from internet dating. That's no replacement for the good old fashion way of meeting up and actually hanging out with the person in real life.
I think it could be the playing hard to get thing. 'Cause I had this guy interested for like a year 'cause I never said definitely yes or definitely no and he only lost interest when I said flat out no and set him up with somebody else.
Hey, maybe the problem isn't with you; it's with those fellas. If the blokes you've dated in the past haven't stuck around then that's a good thing and will give you the chance and the motivation to find someone who is right for you. It takes time to find someone but stick with it.
Too drunk.

The answer is, shag your brains out.
wow, girl with sense of humor, they must've been gay.

well playing hard to get is only in the beginning, after that just be urself. as long as u're secure and have self-esteem/independence the guy won't look at u so lightly knowing that u're not dependent on him.

but then mayb u're TOO independent or something. it's guys' function to ';protect'; their women and feel like she's dependent on them to certain degree. mayb they dont feel manly around u ahahhahaa

or mayb u're a ';yes yes yes yes yes yes'; person, a pushover. who knows.
I really don't mean to be harsh, but you seem to be a little desperate. (I'm sorry. No offense meant) Do you really know the guys that you do want to keep? Getting to know guys and taking it slow is not playing games, y'know. And your colleague was being surprisingly honest with you. If you don't want to play games don't play them...just be slower and more careful about the relationships you get into.

What does it mean when he says ';You just need to relax ;)'; thru text message?

With the support of friends, I decided to email the guy I liked after giving many hints. The email was about how I liked him and made many attempts to get together with him, but that he never emailed or texted back. He is busy with an art show so I know his focus is on that right now...

Anyways, I texted him to see if he read the email, he emailed back ';U need to just relax.... ;) '; with the smily face, what does this mean? Does it mean he likes me but will wait for this art show to be over to get to me, or to piss off?? Men are confusing! He plays hard to get--I texted back ';Ur it then';--what should I do now? Its so hard not to text him for the concerts going on here but I have to!What does it mean when he says ';You just need to relax ;)'; thru text message?
He's playing hard to get. Keep at him! Text him none stop. He likes you and loves the attention!

Good luck!What does it mean when he says ';You just need to relax ;)'; thru text message?
If he was really interested in you, he would have replied. I know the work involved in an art show but I also know that those that do it still respond to emails they consider important to them. He is being a little cocky, maybe a lot, saying, chill babe, I will get to you when I want to make time. You deserve better than this and should look elsewhere. At this point, you should not try any more contact and see if he calls you back. Else you will seem needy. I think you deserve to have someone that makes you more of a priority.

I have a question for people who have had friends with benefits?

i have a friend with benefit and we had been talking for almost a year and recently just did it..i liked it but don't know if he did how can you tell if a guy likes the sex? also how can i act towards him that way i leave him wanting more and not thinking i want him for anything else? i would like to continue but i don't know how to make him want more without being obvious or what can i do so not to crowd him..for men what kind of woman with benefits would you like? how can i play hard to get coz i know men want what they can't have..I have a question for people who have had friends with benefits?
You need to have a talk with him. Ask him if he enjoyed it. Tell him you want more sex, but you want to remain friends. Do not play hard to get, as you're more likely to get him to fall in love with you than to get him to just want to get laid.

Friends-with-benefits, as with ANY ';advanced'; sexual activity requires you to have wide-open lines of communication. **It will not work** if you start playing games the way you are wanting to do. You MUST be able to, and actually do, have open and frank communication with him about what you want, where the boundaries are, and how satisfied you are with what is going on. That way each of you knows how the other is feeling.

This is very basic ';Safe-Advanced-Relationship'; stuff. If you are going to engage in anything beyond the traditional relationship structure, you MUST do it this way, the same way you have to practice safe sex when you get him in bed. Anything else is a recipe for emotional disaster.I have a question for people who have had friends with benefits?
the friend (with benefits) i had talked to me and we decided that this is what we would do

if he is a friend, just tell him how you feel...tell him that you liked it and want more, no strings, of course
Well I've had a friend with benefits before and it's all just for fun, it's all just sex! So just plainly tell him what you want. Tell him you liked it and want more! it's not like you want to date him! It's all sex, he will probably just agree to it because its sex, guys love it! lol. hope this helps ya!
If you're trying to make him want more from you, more than likely you're just wasting your time. Guys who have friends with benefits usually don't want them as anything else, because if he did he would have acted upon it by now.
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  • A Story of falling in love with a shy girl...(Please read and help yahoo!)?

    Ok I met this extremely pretty and shy girl 2 weeks ago. We met from eye contact, I was walking up stairs she was stood there with friend, and as I walked we had this 7 Second eye contact thing going on.

    Then later on that day her, and her friend was hanging outside my class, and kept walking past on purpose until she waved and I waved back then started giggling etc.

    That carried on for another 2 days.

    Then we finally started hanging out, We hardly spoke at first in person, it was mainly all msn/facebook that crap, but its alright now I talk to her like normal and make her and all her friends laugh.

    Anyway after 2 weeks we spend like every break lunch etc together my friends with hers you know. I told her How I feel on thursday and she thought it was amazing what I said.

    And on friday this other dude was therem but I was like whatever you know? carry on but he hugged her and left so I was like wtf.

    This caused us to argue and she didn't seem to understand what I was saying, Because i care about her and stuff man and she was like why do you even care anyway.

    I got it through to her skull, but she was like she likes me as a close close friend. And don't want to loose me over this, followed by all her relationships with boys has f'ed up in past so dont leave me and stuff.

    So I was like yeah but im not some random asshole, but she still said she wants to be close friends because of past. So I was like whatever and accepted.

    Yesterday, being monday college starts and I see her, I was going to blank her but she shouted my name to call me over now were talking normally again...

    I dont know what to think

    Does she like me?

    Playing hard to get?

    Making me chase?

    Playing me?

    I just dont know man.A Story of falling in love with a shy girl...(Please read and help yahoo!)?
    umm thats harsh!!:( im not gonna tell you to talk with her about it cuz thats just cheezy and it already seems like u did so just look at her body language and trust me body language tells you evrything on how she feels:)A Story of falling in love with a shy girl...(Please read and help yahoo!)?
    it kinda sounds like she doesnt really want a bf at the moment and just wants to have someone who is just close to and she can tell u everything but i would also tell her how much u care about her and tell her everything since shes tellin u stuff im guessing?
    She probably likes you but just due to her past, shes insecure about herself. Just give her a chance to trust you and don't rush her.
    she wants you as a close close guy friend.

    just leave it at that. and things will work out
    i dont think shes playing you or playing hard to get. shes just afraid of getting hurt because of past relationships like you said. just take it even slower. being close friends is the next best thing and if its meant to happen it will

    answer mine please;…
    So.....I think you're in college??

    Okay, here's some advice from a college girl. WE PLAY HARD TO GET ALL THE FRICKEN TIME. We do. And sadly, we love it. Something about the thrill of being chased after and how ';romantic'; it looks...

    I know, what a total load of bs, right??

    Word of advice: once you move on and start seeing other people and hanging out with other girls, she'll get the point that she either needs to speak out and say something because she really does want to be with you too. Or she'll lose you. It can't be both. Unless you're into having an ';open relationship'; which never works.

    Seriously, move on and try to play hard to get for once. Many girls like to chase after their man too. Let her do some chasing for once :)
    wow. i wish there were guys like you around here.

    anyways, i think she thinks of you as a super good friend. maybe she likes you but because of how bad her other relationships were she is afraid of falling in love with you.

    Maybe if you show her you're different then the other guys she will change her mind.

    Good luck

    When an Aries Man is Openly Flirting....?

    My love interest is an Aries man. We haven't told each other anything, but I know he likes me. He always stares and looks away when I see him staring. Well, because he's cute and every woman at work likes him, I'm playing a bit hard to get. Plus, I'm shy too. Eversince things got really obvious, we kind of freeze up around each other. Before we used to be more chatty. Anyhow, I think he wants me to talk to him more, but when I do, he acts all avoidant, like he's losing his ability to, I play cool even more...the whole thing is spiralling out of control....I think he's really tired of me avoiding him too and has started to openly flirt with another woman, even though he freezes around, I know he's still in love with do I make things work? If I open up I feel he'll run away. If I avoid him, I feel he'll explode with anger....I can tell he's angry. What gives?When an Aries Man is Openly Flirting....?
    If he can't limit himself to one woman then maybe he's not worth your time anyway.

    I don't think your sign, i.e. Aries, has anything to do with what's happening here but each to his own...

    And it does not make sense that he can avoid you and yet you can't avoid him. If I were in your situation, I wouldn't let him to do this to me. It's time to either confront him and discuss this situation or move on.When an Aries Man is Openly Flirting....?
    mehn not another horoscope crap......pluto is no longer a planet duh!...
    Aries are the symbol of ram they ram it in once out oh who r u?
    I'm not saying throw yourself at him, but being shy and so-called hard-to-get can get really tired, pretty fast.

    You have to be a little friendly, right guys? A little? Dudes don't like it when hard-to-get girls keep this up without throwing them at least a little bone ;-) That's why your dude is moving on seemingly. Flirt a little...or **gasp** grab him for lunch or bite to eat after work--just the 2 of you--and have a REAL CONVERSATION. See where it goes.

    Worst you can do is make a real friend and maybe more, or finally learn dude isn't worth the time you spent posting the question. Good luck sis!


    At what point do you break up over wanting a comittment?

    Hi everyone. I have been dating this man for almost 4 years. We broke up about 5 months ago which was his choice. We have begun dating again over the past month and a half and I believe him when he says he is not going out with anyone else. He did date someone immediately after we broke up; in fact, I have proof that he was going out with her prior to us breaking up. He says they are no longer together and that she is with someone else. My problem is comittment. I don't expect a ring on my finger, but I have told him that in order to continue the relationship, I need some sort of comittment from him that I am the only one he is with or wants to be with. He says he can't give me that comittment right now because he is ';trying to find himself';. He swears he doesn't want to date anyone else, but still doesn't want to tell me that I am ';the one';. After 4 years, wouldn't a person already know if you are ';the one';? I would appreciate suggestions --- should I break up with him until he is ready for a comittment? Should I accept it and just continue dating him and hope that he isn't going out with anyone else? Should I continue dating him and make him feel like I am not committed to only him? Any suggestions would be really nice at this time. I truly love this man and did want to spend the rest of my life with him. I know he loves me, but is this a time to play hard to get? How do you get a man who you know cares about you to realize he is going to lose you and you know he will regret it if or when it happens? We have already tried talking about it and he is just getting more confused about what he wants.At what point do you break up over wanting a comittment?
    Your quest for relief is priority.

    I'll share and you decide to use the advice or not.

    I was with someone for a year. I was with another person for 4 years. Both at separate times.

    And both were not wanting to commit.

    I walked away from both relationships.

    Now I am happily married to a wonderful partner.

    I am with someone that loves me and is committed.

    So do I assume you WANT someone that loves you as much as you love them.

    So decide if you want to move on and find that wonderful person that will love you for you and wants to share your life.

    Respect his choice not to commit, and move on.

    Life is suppose to be wonderful for all of us.