Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FOR ARIES MEN! Does ';playing hard to get'; work at all with Aries Men?

My Aries man is FINALLY talking to me after several LONG months of silence after he ended our 7 year relationship. I told him (and meant it) that I was to the point of moving on without him due to no sex! What should I do next? How long do I wait for him to make a move? Should I move on to another sexual partner? (don't want to, really love this man)FOR ARIES MEN! Does ';playing hard to get'; work at all with Aries Men?
Try laying off the astrology mumbo-jumbo when you talk to him, and see if that doesn't work.FOR ARIES MEN! Does ';playing hard to get'; work at all with Aries Men?
Yes girl , MOVE ON! An aries man is by far the most stubborn, self centered of them all - without knowing it! He probly has kept you this long by being his considerate, energitic, adventureous self. But behind all his lust for you is a man that is undecided....

Aries is a fire sign - always ready for action! Its seems strange to me that he's not giving you any. Then again, my aries (ex-boyfriend) didnt profess his love for me until we had already been clsoe firends for almost three years. Gosh, it was so cool when he did!

All in all, he may be going thru something manly or may feel like he is protecting you from hurt, by NOT giving it up. You'd be surprised, but its probably for the best. Furthermore, you're not married to the man, why ';wait'; on him? But i totally understand if its so goodgood...teehee!

An aries man will not lie, but will never tell you the whole truth. He will protect you, at the expense of the relationship (not to good but then again not too bad...)

But now, we are ex-es...

Astrology has nothing to do with how a person is...

I'm a cancer, and my sign goes with my perfectly. It's weird, it's like reading my biography. However, I have a friend who is a cancer, and she's very different from me.

So, as you can see.... astrology signs aren't always accurate.
Well being an aries myself, there is no reason why he shouldn't want sex. We are the most sexual. Sounds like he has issues, go find yourself someone else.
Wait, it's been 7 years, has he NEVER had sex with you?! In that case, your Aries man is gay.

EDIT: Oh, okay, I kinda thought that's what you meant. Look, you've been with this guy for seven years. That's a LOT of time, for any relationship - people have gotten married after knowing each other for months. You can't just let it die after all the years you've spent together. It's impossible. And the fact that he hasn't proposed yet is downright mysterious. It's time to cement your union.

From what you've told us, getting back with him shouldn't be difficult...he's probably been longing for you just as much as you have for him. So I know it's difficult, but maybe you hinting to him that it would be a good idea for the two of you to get back together wouldn't be such a bad idea.

After you finally are together again, it's time to tie this aging knot. MARRIAGE, MARRIAGE MARRIAGE! It's probably why you broke up in the first place, seven years of being together without really being tied to one another will do that. Give yourselves a reason to stay with each other.

Good luck to you in your love life %26lt;3

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